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Varma Therapy

There are 108 Varmam or Varma points in our body. In which the active energy resides; this vital energy or life force is called ‘VASI’, which functions very effectively to keep us healthy. If these vital points are disturbed in its function due to external or internal factors either directly or indirectly diseases occur.
We conduct Varma classes based on these seven subjects - Sapthanga Varmam
1.Varma diseases and treatment
2.Varma Thokkanam yoga therapy
3.Varma Massage Therapy
4..Varma touch Therapy
5.Varma Orthopedics
6.Varma defence methods
7.Varma Vaasi Yoga Meditation


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Varma Yoga Meditation

We are giving the training of Vassi Varma Yoga to enlight your life through a real and practical way.
7 YOGA ( Saptha Yoga)
· Ath Yoga
· Sath Yoga
· Sith Yoga
· Puth Yoga
· Math Yoga
· Yeth Yoga
· Thath Yoga


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About Ayulvetham

 Ayul vetham now called as siddha system of Medicine. Siddha medicine is one of the oldest and the foremost of all other medicinal systems of the world. It is the first medicinal system indigenously developed by Tamils in India much before ayurvedha was developed. Ayurveda has borrowed all the literature from tamil siddhas , In the olden days it was called by various names like : “ veettu maruththuvam ’’, “naattu maruththuvam ” , “paatti maruththuvam ”,. “ Thamizh maruththuvam ”, “ kai maruththuvam ”, Kollai maruththuvam ”,  etc. In recent times when so many other systems came into vogue this Tamil system of medicine started to be called Siddha medicinal system.
Siddha science is one that is capable of preventing death
The basic philosophy of siddha is that human being is an integral port of the universe.

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Siddha Medicine


It was my intention to write an introduction only on the completion of the entire work; but it occurred to me that, in a peculiarly technical and unique work like this, all the characteristic features shown and the methods pursued in giving the meanings, furnishing explanatory notes here and there in the derivative origins and. the like have all necessarily to be elucidated even at the outset without waiting for the whole work to be completed, so as to save all the possible difficulties of the users of this work; and it is this uncommon aspect of this work that has impelled me to offer this introduction even along with this first volume.



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Varma Training

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  Vr. SA Raja Rethna Kumar

Vr.S.Oliver Anton Navamani B.Sc, D.V.T.S.

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  Mr.Raja Rethinakumar
(Varma Physician)
Ayul Vethi Kappagam
Siddar Kudil, Pushpavanam, Panagudi
Tirunelveli Dist - 627109
Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone : +91-9940791747 

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